Defex Release Notes 4.0

By Oliver @Defex • 16 August 2018
This is an exciting one! We've introduced some significant new features, but don't worry we haven't changed any of the defex interface. You might not have noticed them yet but they're in there. So what's new?
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Defex Release Notes 3.0 - Adding Multiple Plans/Zones

By Oliver @Defex • 3 May 2018
Working with our current subscribers, we've been optimising how to mark-up plans/site-drawings. The best way we have found is to use plans/drawings that reflect a specific zone of the Project - thus breaking down the project into manageable sections. So to assist in creating these projects, we now allow our users to upload Multiple Plans at once!
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Defex Release Notes 2.0

By Oliver @Defex • 23 March 2018
We’ve been very busy making some exciting changes to Defex based on user feedback. These changes bring a significantly improved User Experience to Defex. You may not notice these changes at first glance, but in early tests, they have made adding and managing tasks a whole lot easier!
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4 Steps to Better Project Management

By Oliver @Defex • 3 November 2017
The larger the project, the more opportunities there is for something to go wrong. Multiple team members working on various tasks; changing requirements; un-identified issues arising; and suddenly you’re behind schedule and scrambling to maintain scope creep. While every project is different, the key to increasing your chances of a successful project are to make use of Project Management Software. Before you start your project, consider these steps:
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Why You Need Filters in Project Management

By Oliver @Defex • 6 October 2017
As a project manager, it’s your job to ensure the daily running of the project goes smoothly to achieve all the set goals. This includes allocating resources correctly, ensuring tasks are delegated accurately and being completed the most efficient & effective way possible. There’s deadlines to track; schedules to follow; budgets to meet - all the while ensuring this information is reported to the correct people. That’s where project management software comes in; it’s to make your job easier and more effective. A key component of project management is managing data associated with the project. And ensuring that you can quickly collate/search that data is paramount to ensuring you can better manage a project.
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Help Us Help You

By Oliver @Defex • 21 July 2017
Are you working in Building and Construction or Project Management? Are you looking to improve your work-flow processes? Do you still have paper-trails? Defex may be the system you don’t have; but need.
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How Effective is Construction Software?

By Oliver @Defex • 30 June 2017
There's a variety of reasons that companies uses construction software. Job costing; project management; team management; ordering; billing and invoicing, just to name a few. A lot of the time people are left wondering how effective it actually is. Capterra recently published results of a survey of construction businesses using software to see how effective software is.
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How to: Use your phone to create a Wi-Fi Connection

By Oliver @Defex • 11 May 2017
Defex has been optimised to allow you to conduct your inspections on-site - via a mobile or tablet. But not all devices are connected to the Internet with a SIM card. So here’s a quick tutorial on how you can use your mobile phone to create a “mobile hotspot” and connect to Defex on the go. These days, nearly all smartphones have the ability to create a ‘mobile hotspot’. This allows you to create a wifi connection for another device using your mobile data. This process is commonly called tethering. Creating a hotspot is a simple process and gives you the ability to use all of Defex’s features on-site.
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Defex Release Notes 1.0

By Oliver @Defex • 11 April 2017
We’re very excited to announce we have added some new features to Defex to bring an even better user experience in this edition of Release Notes
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Welcome to 2017!

By Oliver @Defex • 18 January 2017
Happy New Year and welcome to 2017! Christmas has come and gone, another New Years Eve enjoyed and now the projects are back underway We hope you all had a relaxing and safe holiday break and are ready to for the exciting challenges that 2017 will bring.
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A Very Merry Christmas from Defex

By Oliver @Defex • 23 December 2016
2016 was a very successful year for Defex. As we look back over what we've achieved, we say thanks to our Defex users and partners. We wish you all a very merry and safe Christmas!
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Three important reasons to use Project Management Software

By Oliver @Defex • 23 December 2016
There's a multitude of reasons to use project management software. Working in teams, using software leads to far greater collaboration and efficiency amongst team members.
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Managing your Defects with Defex

By Oliver @Defex • 14 December 2016
Starting a new project? Defex has been developed to help you track the tasks you need to complete along the way. Defex is a simple, powerful, cloud based software for managing project defects. Able to be used on any device as it's runs on the web and included features for offline use, it is designed for ease of use. We're looking at exactly how easy Defex is to use.
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Welcome to Defex

By Oliver @Defex • 16 November 2016
Defex has been developed as a simple, yet comprehensive cloud-based platform to help you manage tasks, defects and improvements on plans; and then track them to completion. Try it today to see if it can help your business manage tasks/defects on your next building project.
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