The larger the project, the more opportunities there is for something to go wrong. Multiple team members working on various tasks; changing requirements; un-identified issues arising; and suddenly you’re behind schedule and scrambling to maintain scope creep. While every project is different, the key to increasing your chances of a successful project are to make use of Project Management Software. Before you start your project, consider these steps:


Before you start, it’s important to take time to define your project. You can add or remove questions that are relevant to your project, this will also help your other team members to understand the project better who aren’t so hands-on in all steps

  • Why is this project important
  • What are the objectives
  • How we will measure and define success
  • What are our milestones
  • What are our challenges


Even though defining your project will help to ensure your team is all on the same page, you need to monitor your progress. The most effective way to do this is to use project management tools that give real time visibility of progress and hold-ups.

It’s important thought that you know what you’re measuring. Before you start monitoring, decide on your KPI’s.

Be Technical

We don’t deny there is a human element to project management but project management software will make things easier. The best way to use project management software is to find one platform that addresses the team needs. That way, you have oversight of your project through one portal


Although you defined the project to start with, inevitably all or certain element will need readdressing and redefining at some stage. This is called scope creep. It means the originally agreed deliverables need to be changed or the client wants to add new ones in. Some ways to defend against scope creep include:

  • Recognise potential problems at the start of the process then build that into the overall project
  • Similar to the above, you could also anticipate it and then build it into your margins so your margin may be 10% more
  • Use someone else, Your client may want something you can’t do and therefore you can bring in another company to assist you


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