We’ve been very busy making some exciting changes to Defex based on user feedback. These changes bring a significantly improved User Experience to Defex. You may not notice these changes at first glance, but in early tests, they have made adding and managing tasks a whole lot easier!

We’ve updated how Defex works on tablet including:

Pinch to Zoom

We recognised the limitations of our first version of zooming in on site drawings, with the whole experience being a little clunky. Now, pinch to zoom works seamlessly allowing you to zoom in to mark defects on exactly the precise spot that they need to be.

Full Screen Mode

Defex can now be used in full screen allowing for a distraction and less cluttered way of looking at your floor plans.

Tag Optimisation

What happens if you have defects on the floor, the ceiling or the wall and need to be able to seperate them all? Tags have now been optimised so you can add specific tags and search for them more effectively.

It’s been fantastic to continue to receive feedback from all users on what’s great and what needs improving so we can keep bringing these updates to you.

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