This is an exciting one! We've introduced some significant new features, but don't worry we haven't changed any of the defex interface. You might not have noticed them yet but they're in there. So what's new?

Sub Floor Plans

What if you have a floor plan for an entire floor of apartments, and you want to be able to manage each apartment individually without uploading each floor plan? With Defex, you can now upload the large scale whole floor plan and then create sub plans of each room or apartment, for example, from there. How? Follow these steps:

  • Go into the 'Plans' Section of your project and select the floor plan you want
  • On the button panel on the right, click the crop button on the far right

  • Accept the on screen prompts, then drag the crop tool over the section of the floor plan you wish to make a sub-plan of.

That section will then become a sub-plan that you can name as you wish which will integrate with the main floor plan while remaining a separate sub-plan for more accurate Defect marking

Project Swapper

Now on Defex, we have built in an easy to use project swapper so you can easily move from one to the other.

Just click or hover on My Business and it will appear. You can then swipe from side to side to see all your projects.

Tag Manager

Now on Defex, you can add a variety of tags to categorise and quickly filter through your project.

Once you're in a project, click the wheel at the right end of the menu bar shown below

Then, to add a tag, just type in the name and press save. Once you have done that all your saved tags will appear below. Just press the Red X next to it to delete it.


Got a project with a lot of finished tasks? Is your approved category starting to become backlogged?

With Defex, once a task has been finalised and approved, just drag it to the archive category

Now if you ever need to get back into that task, just follow these steps:

  1. Go to summary
  2. Click the search button
  3. Select "Status"
  4. Select "Archived"

Completed Checkbox

In the Summary Page, the left hand column "comp" now allows you to easily mark tasks as completed just by checking the box

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