There's a variety of reasons that companies uses construction software. Job costing; project management; team management; ordering; billing and invoicing, just to name a few. A lot of the time people are left wondering how effective it actually is. Capterra recently published results of a survey of construction businesses using software to see how effective software is.

Of the 52% who used software, 96% spent more than 2 hours a day managing projects on a mobile device. Of the 48% non-users, 37% wasted more than 2 hours day documenting projects without software - that's 10 hours per week (520 hours per year - 13 weeks!) manually handling documentation because it couldn’t be done via a mobile/tablet!

Often, users look at the cost of software and question if the investment is more cost effective, but the survey found that in fact the non users actually spent $50 a month more on printing costs and 58% of the user's cut their printing costs in half by using software - that's the monthly cost of Defex (which holds all your tasks online in the cloud).

The most important factor in software purchasing was functionality. Interestingly the least important factor was software popularity. This one is particularly important as it's very easy to say "oh that software seems to be working for our competitor, it will work well for us". Every business is different and it's important to use a solution, whether off the shelf or custom made, that it specifically suited to your business requirements.

So if you're looking for efficiencies in your construction business; look to better adopt technology to help manage your systems, processes and documentation. Investing in software that can save you time and provide greater transparency over your business is sure to provide better business outcomes.

Defex utilises these trends in its functionality and processes. Defex is web-based and therefore device neutral. Regardless of what device you’re on, you are ensured full functionality.

See the full survey results below


Construction Software Effectiveness Infographic

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