We’ve spent some time talking to our users about the practical and pragmatic things that would make their daily defect management a whole lot simpler.

 Today marks the beginning of a wave of exciting changes for Defex. 

With an objective of solving key issues, not adding frills, we spent some time on the ground talking to the people who use Defex every day.

What we’ve learnt:

  • Communication is EVERYTHING 
  • Visual keys are essential 
  • Time is money… So let’s save some more


What we’ve built:

  • Email Summary updates for any Project Member, Sub Contractor, Administrator
  • A whole new toolbar to mark up plans 
  • Easier onboarding, logins and onsite access to site defects


Watch this space for more details on these new features or reach out directly at defex@dcode.com.au for a free demo of the software!


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