There's a multitude of reasons to use project management software. Working in teams, using software leads to far greater collaboration and efficiency amongst team members.

People are either one of two types of planners. A: they live by the list. B: they “have it all up here”. At Defex, we’re type A’s. Now there’s nothing wrong with being a type B, but the problem is even though you have it all “up there”, the rest of your team doesn’t. This is why it’s important to use project management software in your business.

One of the biggest benefits that using project management software brings is collaboration. Often, employees are assigned individual tasks. By using project management tools, they can update others and collaborate on tasks more efficiently. This also demonstrates another benefit which is delegation.


In all projects, timelines and schedules are critical as this can affect your resources and budgets. By using software, you are provided a real time snapshot of your project allowing you to track and modify it where necessary. Resource management is critical as resources are finite. With this real time snapshot you can more efficiently and quickly manage this as you can find what you need to know in a few clicks, rather than wasting time tracking down a relevant person.

Above all else though, project management software is most relevant for decision making. Allocation based on estimation can provide extremely costly when it’s wrong and on a large scale. By using data, you can plan and prioritize based on work volumes.  

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By using Defex as a project management software, you can more efficiently and more effectively track problems with your project. Defex allows you to see all defects in the project even when marked as completed meaning you can see what has been allocated to all parts of your project. The powerful filter tools built into Defex allow you to sort based on your need to see defects and their status.

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Defex starts at $50 per month with 5 included projects and unlimited users - we wanted to make is simple and easy for you to calculate your investment. Head over to our homepage to sign up for your 30 day free trial of Defex and let us know how Defex has helped you!

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