As a project manager, it’s your job to ensure the daily running of the project goes smoothly to achieve all the set goals. This includes allocating resources correctly, ensuring tasks are delegated accurately and being completed the most efficient & effective way possible. There’s deadlines to track; schedules to follow; budgets to meet - all the while ensuring this information is reported to the correct people. That’s where project management software comes in; it’s to make your job easier and more effective. A key component of project management is managing data associated with the project. And ensuring that you can quickly collate/search that data is paramount to ensuring you can better manage a project.

Within project management software, you can use filters to narrow down/refine your progress. Filters make it easy to better manage the overall project by seeing the tiny details. So why specifically do you need filters

Display Specific Information

Each task in the project is made up of several components. This might include locations, assignees, costs or due dates. Instead of searching through every task, you can use your filters to quickly bring up specific information about one or more tasks


Schedules and deadlines are critical to any project. Using filters, you can see all the tasks, who have they been assigned to and their deadline as well as their completion status.

Team Performance

Using filters and reports, you can see how performance is tracking. For example, you may filter a report by “completed”, then “this week”. This will help you to see any actual or potential problems. By doing this you can work with your team to make them more efficient and effective in their tasks

The Backlog

Inevitably, you will end up with a backlog. It’s common for a lot of tasks to go unassigned. This may be because they are yet to be assigned, or they just got forgotten about. As backlogs can often be big, you can filter them down to specific areas to begin working on them rather than trawling through the list one by one

Ultimately, using filters can be a great way to retrieve and analyse data in your Project Management Software.  And ensuring a consistent approach to content, will ensure that you can quickly and easily filter/search for content.

When choosing a project management platform, ensure that you choose one that can effectively store and filter information in a method that suits your requirements.  This will ensure that you can best optimise your workflows.

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