Online Defect Management

Defex was developed to be a simple, yet powerful, cloud-based defect/task management solution. Our software allows you to annotate plans, allocate tasks and manage these tasks through to completion.

  • Add a Task or Defect

    Annotate your task or defect on the site plans - showing exactly where the issue is located.
  • Include Your Entire Team

    Assign responsibility for the task to a user - ensuring visibility over who is responsible for each task. You can add your entire team to our solution; we don't cap the number of users.
  • Manage Your Tasks

    Use our workflow boards and management systems to help track and manage your tasks/defects from start to completion.

Online Defect Reporting
Anytime, Anywhere ...

Defex has been designed for access via your computer, tablet or mobile phone. Rather than reduce it's functionality; we allow you full control over your defects from any device.

Task Management

Track your tasks in our workflow management solutions - developed on found project management; designed to be simple.

Annotate Plans

Annotate and mark-up your plans directly from this solution - know exactly where your defects/tasks are located.

Gallery of Defects

Load pictures of the problem to help users easily see and identify the nature and extent of the problem.

Defex was designed and developed to be simple to use, while offering the functions and features required for larger projects. Take Defex on a 30 day trial to see how it can help your business in its Defect/Task/Inspection -related activities.